COVID Test-Kit Reimbursement Form

Please note there is a seperate claims process and reimbursement form for Aetna and Kaiser. 


Pursuant to new federal guidance, health plans are required to cover over the counter (“OTC”), self-administered COVID-19 tests at 100% without imposing any cost-sharing requirements, prior authorization, or other medical management requirements, COVID and with or without an individualized clinical assessment by a healthcare provider, beginning with tests purchased on Friday, January 15, 2022, through the end of the public health emergency period.

The guidance below applies to the SAPPH/Building Trades Trust plan. If you are a member of a fixed unit, such as PSE, SPU, a school district, or any other health plan, please contact your human resources representatives.

The Seattle Area Plumbing & Pipefitting Health Trust is reviewing how to implement this new guidance at their pharmacies for direct billing. In the meantime, an Attestation Form/Receipt Request has been developed by the Trust Office as a stop gap measure.

Key items regarding test kits covered under this new guidance. 

  1. Effective 1/15/2022. Receipts showing purchase of test kits prior to January 15, 2022, will not be paid unless accompanied by a doctor’s recommendation.
  2. These tests are not to be used for return to work. They are for personal use of participant and/or immediate family, for the purpose of diagnosing COVID-19. Tests are not to be used for compliance with an employer’s COVID-19 testing requirements.
  3. These tests will not be resold, traded, or reimbursed by another source.

For further information please contact the Business Office at (425) 277-6680.

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