Kaiser & Aetna

Regarding COVID-19 virus - UPDATED

With the growing questions and concerns about the COVID-19 virus our Health Trust has provided us with this helpful information.  Both Kaiser and Aetna have released flyers on keeping well and how to self-treat if sick.  Both recommend calling a doctor first before going to the emergency room or doctor’s office.


Additionally, did you know we have an MDLIVE program?  This is a great reminder about our MDLIVE program that you may not be aware of.

MDLive is available to both our PPO and Kaiser participants.  Participants who have not signed up can text Zenith to 635483 (which spells MDLIVE) and it will ask about 4-5 questions to set up a new account.


Sophie is the AI chatbot and currently she is used to help members register through a secure simulated text conversation with “Sophie”.   Each client is assigned a “Sophie Code” (ie ZENITH) and they would text the word ZENITH to 635483 (MDLIVE).   The conversation with Sophie would begin and she would ask questions to walk them through registering their account in a conversational manner.   

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