MDLive has been updated as of 3/18/20. If you tried before and were unable to register, please try again! If you call, mention Zenith Seattle Area Plumbing. There is no copay. If you are charged, please email and it will be researched/corrected.

Try the text method! You will register and then recieve emails - check your spam!

How do I sign up for MDLIVE or Activate my MDLIVE account?

You can easily sign up or activate your account by using one of the following methods:

  1. Vist and click "Activate Now"
  2. Just call us at (888) 886-6882
  3. Download the MDLIVE App, available for iPhone, Android, and Windows smartphones. 
  4. Text Sophie:
    Take out your mobile device
    Next, open your text messaging app and compose a new text message
    In the "To" field enter: 635483
    Type the word "sapph" in the message field and click send
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